EMPHNET’s Sixth Regional Conference to Commence Next March with the Theme “Innovative Approaches: Adapting to the Current EMR Context”
    EMPHNET’s Sixth Regional Conference to Commence Next March with the Theme “Innovative Approaches: Adapting to the Current EMR Context”
    August 03, 2017

    Sixth Emphnet

    We are pleased to announce that the Sixth EMPHNET Regional Conference will be held in Amman, Jordan, between March 27 and March 29, 2018.

    With the central theme of Innovative Approaches: Adapting to the Current EMR Context, the conference sessions will provide a platform to present how innovative approaches can be adapted to improve public health practice in countries throughout the Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMR).

    Mandated to contribute to “better health for people in the EMR,” the conference will focus on adopting innovative strategies in response to public health issues and problems challenging countries in the region. Such challenges include the high burden of NCDs, communicable disease outbreaks, emerging and re-emerging infections, weak surveillance systems, public health threats in mass gatherings, risks to biosecurity, and public health emergencies. Hence, exploring new ideas and approaches to address public health challenges typical to the EMR is essential when considering the unprecedented political unrest and the enduring instability that left millions of people in the EMR at risk of disease exposure or suffering due to lack of health access.

    Conference sessions will provide valuable opportunities for knowledge exchange regarding issues that jeopardize the health status of the region’s populations. They will also offer a platform to showcase the scientifically grounded work of Field Epidemiology Training Program (FETP) residents and graduates, as well as other public health professionals who have chosen to share their achievements, research findings, field investigations, and other approaches with a wide participation base.

    The conference will be achieving the following objectives:

    • Create an opportunity for public health professionals from the region to present their accomplishments to a wide range of audience.
    • Bring together public health officials, experts, and scientists to examine and discuss innovative approaches attempted to strengthen public health in the EMR.
    • Engage members of the public health community in a dialogue that focuses on reducing the impact of public health problems in the region.
    • Encourage the exchange of innovative ideas, approaches, and solutions in counteracting public health challenges and problems.

    Within these objectives, the conference presents an agenda that includes keynote addresses, panel discussions, mini-symposiums, oral and poster presentations, round-table meetings, and pre-conference workshops.

    We gratefully acknowledge the continuous engagement of all countries in the EMR as well as the support and commitment of our partners.

    Note: More information on the conference will be available soon through the conference website at