TEPHINET Announces Opening Recruitment for the Position of Program Director
    TEPHINET Announces Opening Recruitment for the Position of Program Director
    January 20, 2019

    The Task Force for Global Health is seeking a Program Director for their TEPHINET Program; located at the Decatur, Georgia headquarters.

    The principal mission of TEPHINET is to strengthen global field epidemiology capacity through initiating, supporting, and networking of field-based training programs that enhance competencies in applied epidemiology and public health practice. To carry out this mission, TEPHINET implements programs that strengthen the quality of FETPs; enable networking and continuous learning within the global FETP community; and facilitate the mobilization of a skilled workforce in response to global public health threats. Specific TEPHINET activities that advance these objectives include an accreditation program; regional and global conferences; TEPHIConnect (an alumni networking platform and program); and the development and implementation of a network-wide learning strategy. TEPHINET also provides administrative and management support to many international public health projects, many of which are related to the field epidemiology training programs.

    TEPHINET is a professional alliance of 71 field epidemiology training programs (FETPs) serving more than 100 countries around the world. Trainees of these programs master a set of core competencies, vital to the practice of public health, while strengthening their countries’ health care ministries by providing critical epidemiologic and other public health services. The Director is responsible for providing leader-ship and expertise for the global network; for developing, cultivating and maintaining professional relations with FETP leaders, regional networks, funders, and a variety of stakeholders across the globe; for collaborating with those leaders, funders and stakeholders to ensure progress toward the shared vision of developing sustainable applied epidemiology capacity in all countries; and providing oversight of a staff of approximately 20 persons in the areas of fund-raising, financial management, personnel, and program development. This position is based at The Task Force for Global Health’s headquarters in Decatur, Georgia, USA.

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