Our Vision

Better health for people in the Eastern Mediterranean Region.

The Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMR) is a region that is challenged by several adversities. According to the World Health Organization, our region includes 22 countries with a population of 583 million people. Our countries vary in socioeconomic development and we still face the duality of health problems brought about by the high prevalence of infectious diseases and the increasing burden of non-communicable diseases. Many of our countries are challenged by epidemiological transitions, limited resources, health inequity and political instability, which to a large extent impede improvement in population health outcomes.

EMPHNET strives to assist countries in the region achieve better population health status. We believe in the value of information and are motivated by the need to strengthen public health systems. We seek to build collaborations and networks of regional experts to assist countries in strengthening their national public health systems. To date, we managed to build country and regional capacities in several priority public health areas, such as outbreak investigation, disease surveillance, rapid response, International Health Regulations and more. We created a momentum for strengthening public health systems by providing technical support and public health workforce development.

We are aware of the many gaps that need to be addressed in order to leverage population health outcomes. We know that we have a lot to offer to address these gaps, and we call upon you to support us and join us in achieving better health for people in our region.