EMPHNET Announces 2020 FETP Photo Contest
    EMPHNET Announces 2020 FETP Photo Contest
    March 10, 2020

    Because we believe in the power of an image, and we also strive to inform the world of the great impact that Field Epidemiology Training Program (FETP) residents and graduates have on public health in our region, we are happy to announce the launch of our 2020 FETP Photo Contest. The contest strives to document the work that FETP residents and graduates are involved in, using photography. Furthermore, we also want to increase the visibility of our FETPs regionally and globally, thus the contest will effectively highlight the achievements FETP residents have made within their respective country programs.

    While promoting entries on our networking platform EpiShares, Facebook, and in our upcoming Seventh EMPHNET Regional Conference; we will give opportunities for more people to learn about the work such programs engage in within their countries. Therefore, if you are an FETP resident or graduate and you have a flair for the camera, kindly send us your entries.

    We are looking for entries that represent expressive, inspiring, aspects of your work, and which place the spotlight on the humanitarian side of your work whether during outbreak investigations, rapid response activities, health awareness campaigns, research, or any other public health endeavor your country program is involved in. So, start shooting while making sure that your images satisfy one or more of the below categories.

    1. Immunization
    2. Emergency response
    3. Research
    4. Health protection and promotion
    5. Disease control
    6. Applied Epidemiology

    Eligibility and Photo Quality 
    1. The contest is open to FETP residents and graduates from the Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMR) only.
    2. Contestants can submit up to five entries.
    3. All photos should be submitted in high-resolution electronic format.
    4. Only colored photos will be considered.
    5. Your entries should not be less than 2 megabytes.
    6. Please label each photo with your full name and photo title (who, where, and what).
    7. PLEASE NOTE: Cell phone and low-resolution images will not be considered.
    8. Image manipulation is NOT permitted; except if it involves cropping, minor burning, dodging, and/or color correction.
    9. Please submit each photo using the form below.
    10. Deadline for submission is June 30, 2020.

    Judging Criteria 
    First Prize will be given to the photo with the most likes on EpiShares
    Second Prize will be given to the photo with the most likes on Facebook
    • Third Prize will be given to a photo selected by a judging committee and based on the photo’s relevance and impact

    Note: If one photo qualifies for one category, it is immediately eliminated from the others. This means that the photo winning in the EpiShares competition will not be eligible for re-entry in the Facebook competition and so on.

    Announcement of Results
    Winners will be announced during the Seventh EMPHNET Regional Conference

    EMPHNET will be giving away prizes for the winners of each contest (EpiShares, Facebook, and the judges’ selection)

    • Photo submission is open from March 10 to June 30, 2020.
    • EpiShares contest will run from July 5 to July 19.
    • Facebook contest will run from July 22 to August 5.
    • Committee winner will be announced in the conference.
    Note: for the EpiShares and Facebook contest, we will only consider the likes given to the photos placed in the contest album.

    How to Apply
    Please fill in a form for each one of your entries
    The form can be accessed here: Photo Contest Form

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Upon submission, all entries are the sole property of EMPHNET. Therefore, EMPHNET reserves the right to use any image entered, to support content published on its website, social media channels, in its reports, or any other document where they are seen fit.

    Good Luck!