WHO and US CDC Are Seeking Public Health Professionals for STOP-Malaria
    WHO and US CDC Are Seeking Public Health Professionals for STOP-Malaria
    July 17, 2019

    The World Health Organization (WHO) and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are looking for highly qualified public health professionals with malaria experience to join the STOP-Malaria Program for an 11-month assignment.

    STOP-Malaria is also a valuable career advancement opportunity. Not only does the work of STOP-Malaria participants have a powerful impact on the health systems of their assignment countries, but it also presents a valuable opportunity for participants to learn new skills, grow as individuals, and build professional profiles.

    Candidates being sought are public health professionals with experience working within the public health system, specifically in malaria, surveillance, and capacity building. To qualify, candidates must have the following education, experience, and skills:

    Education:  Advanced degree (Masters level or above) in epidemiology, public health,  or another relevant field, such as medicine, OR 10+ years of experience in malaria control and surveillance.

    Experience:  A minimum of 5 years of experience in public health surveillance of infectious diseases, with at least 3 years of surveillance of malaria, OR 5 years of experience in malaria control;   AND  advanced knowledge of surveillance approaches or malaria control strategies.

    Skills:  Excellent interpersonal skills, including integrity, good judgment, teamwork, and diplomacy. Candidates must possess the ability to work quickly and the willingness to deliver products under time pressure and short deadlines. Candidates must be self-starters and self-managers, possessing the willingness  and capacity to take responsibility. Being self-motivated, candidates are also expected to have the ability to juggle many tasks concurrently and prioritize workload in a pressured environment with competing demands and high expectations.

    Languages:  All candidates must be fluent in English. Fluency in a second language particularly French, Arabic, Portuguese or Spanish, is strongly desired.

    *Previous experience working or studying internationally is desired.

    Application Process: 

    Recruitment for STOP-Malaria (with deployment beginning June-July 2020) is open between  July 5 and 31, 2019. The following link will direct you to the STOP-Malaria Application (in English) If you have any inquiries, contact Ms. Carlota Gui at (  and Dr. Amanda Tiffany at (

    Please note that the STOP-Malaria application is hosted with STOP-Polio, so applicants can apply for both, if interested.

    Note:   the above text has been excerpted from the original source.