Morocco Field Epidemiology Training Program – Epidémiologie en Santé Publique (FETP/ESP)

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In December 2010, the Institut National d’Administration Sanitaire, INAS (now the Ecole Nationale de Santé Publique, ENSP) and the CDC established a cooperation agreement aimed at developing diverse activities related to the establishment of the Morocco FETP. The FETP model was thus applied to the training cycle related to the Health Administration field also known as the “Epidémiologie en Santé Publique.” Today this arrangement has evolved to become the FETP/ESP.

The program’s curriculum has been adapted to fulfill the FETP criteria. The curriculum has been expanded to include a field component of the training and the time spent in class has been reduced. The FETP/ESP aims to graduate highly qualified field epidemiologists who have acquired competencies relevant to epidemiological surveillance and analysis of surveillance data. Graduates are competent at providing evidence for decision-making, as well as for ensuring the strengthening of outbreak investigation capacity of the country and the use of applied research in public health.

Key partners in developing and sustaining the FETP/ESP are the MOH (e.g. ENSP, DELM and several other MOH services and directorates) in collaboration with the CDC as well as other international organizations or institutions. The theoretical component of the training is takes places at the beginning of the program and then the residents are assigned to training sites within the structures of the MOH at national, regional or local levels. Residents are supervised by the staff of the ESNP, senior epidemiologists of the MOH, and by a full-time CDC-TEPHINET senior epidemiologist, and the Resident Advisor of the FETP. Since its establishment, the FETP/ESP has graduated three cohorts for a total of 29 professionals. This year, 20 residents – double the number of residents in previous cohorts- were recruited and began the FETP in March 2015.