EMPHNET Collaborates with J-CAP in Family Planning Project
    EMPHNET Collaborates with J-CAP in Family Planning Project
    July 30, 2015   |  Jordan

    The Jordan Communication, Advocacy, and Policy (J-CAP) Project is a 5-year USAID-funded activity that aims to  increase demand for and use of modern Family Planning (FP) methods by increasing capacity of government, civil society, and other partners for social behavioral change, policy, and advocacy; and improving the enabling environment for FP programs.

    To be able to achieve the set targets and help monitor the progress, J-CAP is planning to carry out a series of surveys focusing on knowledge attitudes and practices mainly of married women of reproductive age. The J-CAP Project will assess the impact of various interventions based on longitudinal changes in key outcome variables.  The quasi-experimental evaluation plan relies on a population-based KAP household survey. A baseline survey will cover 8 intervention and 8 control districts across Jordan followed by end-of-project survey to be conducted in the same districts.

    EMPHNET is currently working collaboratively with the J-CAP project to perform data cleaning, analysis and report writing of the baseline survey. Furthermore, EMPHNET has assisted J-CAP during the preparatory phase of the baseline survey in sampling and designing the survey tool and ensuring proper implementation of the survey.