EMPHNET Participates in MED-HEALTH Fifth Steering and Technical Scientific Committee Meeting
    EMPHNET Participates in MED-HEALTH Fifth Steering and Technical Scientific Committee Meeting
    April 30, 2018


    The Mediterranean Public Health Alliance (MED-HEALTH) is a project conducted by thirteen universities and non-governmental organizations from Belgium, Jordan, Palestine, Spain, Tunisia, and the United Kingdom. The goal of MED-HEALTH is to enhance competencies – in the area of public health- within the institutions of higher education in the countries of the South Mediterranean.

    To achieve its goal, MED-HEALTH aims to introduce a master’s degree program in public health management to be implemented in universities of the South Mediterranean Region and to incorporate activities for building information and networking platforms that will optimize results and achieve an impact beyond the life of the project.

    Between April 14-15, 2018, the University of Manouba hosted MED-HEALTH’s Fifth Steering and Technical Scientific Committee Meeting in Tunisia, where members of the Alliance came together to share progress updates on the Public Health Management Master Degree Program at their universities. Delegates from An-Najah, Mutah, Zarka, Manouba and Monastir universities presented the status of their programs with discussions on main challenges to date. In addition, An-Najah University presented progress on the e-Portal where the group provided feedback on ways to improve input to the portal content. EMPHNET presented EpiShares as its newly launched networking platform that can accommodate the networking requirements of the MED-HEALTH project.

    Members of the committee agreed on conducting a close-out conference for the project to be held in Tunisia in September 2018, where participants will present papers on the project outcomes, in addition to having students from the Public Health Management Master’s Degree Program participate in the conference activities.