EMPHNET Together with Ministry of Health and Relief International Observe World Health Day
    EMPHNET Together with Ministry of Health and Relief International Observe World Health Day
    April 25, 2017   |  Jordan

    EMPHNET, in collaboration with the Jordanian Ministry of Health (MoH) and Relief International, celebrated World Health Day which for this year held the theme “Depression-Let’s Talk.” It observed this occasion in an event it hosted at the Zaatari Refugee Camp located in Mafraq, Jordan.

    Held earlier in April, the event was attended by over 50 residents of different age groups from the camp. It started off with a lecture by the Director of the Mental Health Unit at the Jordanian MoH Dr. Fateen Janem, who discussed signs and symptoms of depression and their impact on the quality of life of community members. Dr. Janem also highlighted the attributes of counseling as the best option for the treatment of depression.

    In the second portion of the event, EMPHNET’s team members engaged the audience in a Q&A session, encouraging them to speak about their experiences with depression, low self-esteem, and their support systems at home and within their broader communities. Afterwards, participants played a pass the parcel game where they were asked to share personal achievements and success stories. Participants then took home with them coloring kits to share with children in their communities, with the purpose of encouraging them to use art as a means of self-expression.

    The World Health Organization (WHO) observes the World Health Day every year on April 7 on the anniversary of the founding of the organization. This year, the theme of the World Health Day is “Depression, Let’s Talk” and it is being celebrated by the WHO in a year-long campaign. The aim of the campaign is to inform the public about depression and to encourage those who suffer from it to seek help.

    You can watch a short video of the event here.