GHD/EMPHNET Supports Egypt Ministry of Health in Training Rapid Response Teams
    GHD/EMPHNET Supports Egypt Ministry of Health in Training Rapid Response Teams
    May 06, 2018   |  Egypt


    The Ministry of Health and Population of Egypt conducted a Rapid Response Teams’ (RRT) Training between April 14 and 19, 2018 in Cairo. Supported by GHD/EMPHNET, the training was designed to build the capacity of health professionals working in the governorates of Aswan, Red Sea, and Kafr Elsheikh and within the areas of outbreak investigation response, with specific emphasis on those caused by especially dangerous pathogens.

    The training targeted over 20 health professionals including public health doctors, applied epidemiology professionals, veterinarians, and laboratory personnel.

    These participants sat through sessions designed to enhance the knowledge and skills they need to handle disease outbreak investigation and response, the secure collection of dangerous samples, and public health surveillance. Other topics covered in the training included International Health Regulations, Risk assessment and risk communication, Infection control, bio risk management, Data management and report writing, as well as personal and team management skills within the context of rapid response team-work.


    This workshop centered around the scenario of a suspected outbreak of Avian Influenza (H5N1). Daily scenario updates and discussion questions were made to gradually guide participants through effective outbreak investigation and response practices.

    During the briefing sessions, participants also presented examples of disease outbreaks from their recent country experiences to assess their capacity and readiness to train.

    This training was the first of seven planned workshops set as part of the process of rolling out the national RRT to governorate level.