GHD/EMPHNET Supports Morocco FETP in AFP Surveillance Training
    GHD/EMPHNET Supports Morocco FETP in AFP Surveillance Training
    December 31, 2018   |  Morocco

    GHD/EMPHNET supported the Morocco Field Epidemiology Training Program (FETP) in training over thirty residents and graduations from across the country’s regions. The training focused on providing technical support to the national Acute Flaccid Paralysis (AFP) surveillance.

    Taking place between December 18 and 19, 2018, the training’s sessions were held to enhance the capacity of the FETP graduates and residents thus enabling them to effectively provide technical support, mentoring, coaching and monitoring for the progress of AFP surveillance activities at regional, provincial, district and active surveillance sites. Relying on regional AFP operational plans, the residents and graduates also support the National AFP system in identifying existing obstacles and challenges; and proposing solutions to overcome these problems.

    Facilitated by experts from the Moroccan Ministry of Health, the training’s sessions focused on areas of data management and analysis; AFP cases classification scheme; Public Health Risk Assessment and Management; polio hot cases rapid identification, investigation, laboratory examination and response; and Monitoring and evaluation of regional AFP surveillance plans.

    The training also covered topics relevant to assisting regional and provincial AFP officers in implementing regular active surveillance visits and sensitization sessions based on prioritization of the target sites.

    This training falls within activities implemented by GHD/EMPHNET to support Morocco in terms of capacity building at different levels of the national health system and bringing partnership with other national entities to consolidate the system.