GHD/EMPHNET Supports Sudan MoH to Improve Quality and Accountability of Their Emergency Response
    GHD/EMPHNET Supports Sudan MoH to Improve Quality and Accountability of Their Emergency Response
    September 12, 2018

    The Sudan Federal Ministry of Health (FMoH) completed two activities aimed at improving the quality of emergency response in Sudan. These two activities took place in Khartoum between September 2 and 6, 2018 and were supported by GHD/EMPHNET.

    The first was a two-day meeting to designed to develop an accountability framework for Health Emergency Operations in Sudan. Representatives of the FMoH’s different departments, concerned line ministries, key legislative and decision-making entities in the health system in Sudan, as well as high management in from UN agencies attended the meeting.

    The second was a three-day workshop designed to develop the state health emergency plan. This workshop targeted thirty-five participants from the eighteen states of Sudan including, two from eight priority states -as identified by the FMoH- and one from other the other ten states, as well as nine from FMoH concerned staff from the FMoH including planning, primary healthcare and Emergency Humanitarian Action (EHA) units.

    GHD EMPHNET Supports Sudan MoH to Improve Quality and Accountability of their Emergency Response (1)

    The workshop was designed to enhance the capacity and skills of a multidisciplinary public health emergency committee members in their respective locations. Its sessions focused on the peripheral levels and their ability to effectively plan health emergency response for public health events. Focusing on epidemic emergencies, the sessions also covered content relevant to the region and the public health sector in Sudan.

    During these sessions, facilitators briefed the participants on the national public health emergency (PHE) preparedness and response planning, as well as the importance of accountability during PHE management. Discussions were also made on the importance of functioning mechanisms, procedures, steps, and components of PHE plans and accountability frame work.

    Prior to these activities, the Sudan Federal Ministry of Health (FMoH) conducted a training of trainer’s workshops on Rapid Response Teams (RRTs). Held in June 2018, this training was attended by 40 health professionals working in emergency response, communicable disease surveillance, environmental health, health promotion, primary health care, and epidemiology participated in the workshop sessions. Together, they represented the Khartoum state, the other eighteen states of Sudan, and FMoH concerned departments.