GHD/EMPHNET Supports Training on Epi Info for Brucellosis in Iraq
    GHD/EMPHNET Supports Training on Epi Info for Brucellosis in Iraq
    May 09, 2019   |  Iraq

    With support from GHD/EMPHNET, the Iraq Ministry of Health (MoH) and the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA), conducted a training session on Epi Info to familiarize participants on its use for the purpose of data entry and analysis pertaining to brucellosis in the country.

    This training is part of a collaborative effort made by GHD/EMPHNET, the MoH, and the MoA to strengthen surveillance, diagnosis, and control of brucellosis in Iraq. Within this collaboration, involved parties are working to strengthen laboratory-based surveillance of human and animal brucellosis in the country’s high-risk areas.

    The training took place between April 22 and 24, 2019 at the Baghdad Hotel. Participants were eight members of the surveillance units of the MoH and MoA.

    The training focused on the various features of Epi Info, including statistics and methods used; data entry, import, and export; and various components of data analysis.

    GHD and EMPHNET Support Training on Epi Info for Brucellosis in Iraq (1)

    Facilitators from GHD/EMPHNET and the Iraq MoH trained participants on how to create investigation forms for human and animal brucellosis. Also, and for the first time ever, the veterinary side was engaged in such a training. This development will improve the process of data collection, analysis and interpretation pertaining to animal brucellosis.

    This training represents another example in which GHD/EMPHNET is working to implement the concept of One Health. All activities within this collaboration represent the strong partnership between the human and the animal health sectors, who are working towards the goal of controlling brucellosis in high-risk areas within Iraq.

    Following this training, a one-day awareness session was held to train the participants on health promotion for brucellosis. This session covered areas relevant to developing a distribution plan for awareness material as well as communicating health promotion messages to the various groups of the public.