Iraq Ministry of Health Conducts Training of Trainers on Rapid Response Teams
    Iraq Ministry of Health Conducts Training of Trainers on Rapid Response Teams
    May 07, 2018   |  Iraq


    The Iraq Ministry of Health (MoH) conducted a training of trainers (ToT) for 20 public health professionals, including public health doctors, applied epidemiologists, veterinarians, and laboratory personnel from central and provincial levels. Supported by GHD/EMPHNET,  this training took place on April 22-26, 2018, at Baghdad Hotel, and it was designed to  form a team of trainers who would later train rapid response teams within all provinces of the country.

    During the workshop’s opening, Dr. Sabah Abd-Aeama the Director of Rapid Response Project and Dr. Adel Belbaisi from GHD/EMPHNET highlighted the significance of the RRT ToT to public health empowerment in Iraq, while stressing the importance of the continuous collaboration and networking between the MoH and GHD/EMPHNET in the area of building Iraq’s public health capacities.


    Dr. Abd-Aeama and the GHD/EMPHNET delegates all highlighted the significance of this training especially in its concentration on emergency preparedness and response operation within the current context of both the provincial and national level in Iraq.

    Senior officers from the Directorate of Public Health, the Central Public Health Laboratory, and GHD/EMPHNET facilitated the workshop sessions.

    They briefed participants on the International Health Regulations (IHR 2005), the national public health emergency preparedness and response framework, as well as the national human and animal health surveillance systems. In depth discussions were also made on the importance of functioning mechanisms, procedures, steps, and components of rapid response networks.


    The workshop agenda included a five-day long group exercise which simulated a scenario of an H1N1 outbreak. In this exercise, participants went through the steps of an outbreak investigation that is conducted by a local multi-disciplinary rapid response team. Furthermore, the workshop also featured a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) demonstration.