Iraq Ministry of Health Strengthens Immunization Supply Chain with Support from GHD/EMPHNET
    Iraq Ministry of Health Strengthens Immunization Supply Chain with Support from GHD/EMPHNET
    September 26, 2017   |  Iraq

    Within the setting of war and conflict in Iraq, achieving immunization goals can become a challenge. Links within the vaccination supply chain from personnel, systems, equipment, to processes are weakened. With the displacement of populations and the introduction of new, costlier vaccines, the need to strengthen and optimize the national supply chain is a necessity, especially when striving to achieve the global goal to “enable the right vaccines to be in the right place, at the right time, in the right quantities, in the right condition, at the right cost.”

    To support the Iraq Ministry of Health (MoH) in achieving this goal, GHD/EMPHNET, in collaboration with UNICEF, will provide technical support to strengthen the supply chain management. It will introduce the World Health Organization (WHO) web-based vaccination supplies stock management (w-VSSM) system to involved parties at the ministry. Created in 2011, this web-based, open source system is modeled after the stand-alone version that has been implemented in Iraq for the past six years. The w-VSSM is based on WHO guidelines and standard operation procedures as well as UNICEF and WHO training materials.

    To ensure a swift transition, GHD/EMPHNET and UNICEF conducted two training workshops that targeted both administrators and users of the software in late August 2017. In the form of an on-the-job training, the workshops focused on guiding both admins and users on setting and/or configuring the data based on their respective levels.

    By using this system, the Iraq MoH can ensure that sound vaccine stock management is achieved. Specifically, the system ensures the quality, availability, proper storage conditions, and adequate store capacity of both vaccines and relevant immunization-related supplies.