Trilateral FETP Meeting Held Among EMPHNET, Lebanon, and Tunisia
    Trilateral FETP Meeting Held Among EMPHNET, Lebanon, and Tunisia
    September 10, 2019

    A trilateral meeting between EMPHNET, Lebanon, and Tunisia was held in Amman, Jordan, to support the preparations for establishing the Lebanon Field Epidemiology Training Program (L-FETP).

    The meeting was held on August 2-3, 2019, and was presided by Prof. Nissaf Bouafif Ben Alaya, Director of Tunisia FETP; Dr. Nada Ghosn, Head of the Epidemiology Surveillance Program at the Ministry of Public Health in Lebanon; and Dr. Mohannad Al-Nsour, Executive Director of EMPHNET.

    Prof. Ben Alaya presented the Tunisian experience in establishing its intermediate FETP in collaboration with EMPHNET. She highlighted preparatory steps such as identifying country needs and gaps; designing the curriculum; and formulating committees. On the other hand, Dr. Ghosn spoke about the L-FETP preparatory meeting held in Lebanon and presented the results of the FETP assessment needs questionnaire.

    Presentations were followed by a discussion on the lessons learned from the establishment and management of the T-FETP, focusing on areas that could benefit Lebanon in launching its program.

    During the meeting, EMPHNET introduced the evolution of FETPs in the EMR and their different modalities as well as challenges, incentives, and issues relevant to programs’ sustainability.

    The meeting concluded with proposing a scenario for establishing the L-FETP. This scenario emphasizes the importance of engaging all the concerned parties to ensure the buy-in and smooth establishment of the program.