The EpiCore Project strives to bring together FETP residents, graduates, and other public health professionals and educate them on the use and significance of digital disease detection (DDD) and innovative surveillance.

What is Innovative Surveillance?

In today’s world of rapid, electronic communication, innovative surveillance may include a report of a health event through an email, a blog post, an online media source, or an online innovative surveillance platform published long before the event is detected, confirmed and reported by a formal surveillance system.

  •  It is surveillance that is adaptable and available in today’s technology-driven world.
  •  It is informative but it does not replace traditional surveillance.
  •  It is complementary.

Read more about innovative surveillance here    (Innovative Surveillance and EpiCore)

What is Epicore?

EpiCore is an online innovative surveillance platform that enables faster global outbreak detection and reporting. It links a worldwide member network of health experts through a secure online reporting system. Its direct channels of communication are designed to expedite early identification of an outbreak; therefore, the system detects and confirms outbreaks more quickly so communities can respond faster, curb epidemics faster, and save more lives.

How Does EpiCore Work?

  •  Trained EpiCore moderators will submit requests for information (RFIs) to the platform;
  •  These RFIs will then be directed to a select group of EpiCore trained health professional volunteers in the area of a possible or suspected event.
  •  EpiCore volunteers submit responses through the EpiCore platform.
  •  From there, an EpiCore moderator helps to validate the information

Learn more details on how EpiCore works   here

Who Can Be a Member of the EpiCore Network?

People Using EpiCore should have two or more of the following qualifications:

  •  An advanced degree in public health or related field.
  •  Health certification or licensure (MD, DVM, RN, etc.)
  •  A person who has three to five years of experience in animal or human health.
  •  Current affiliation with a relevant institution / organization.
  • Should be an FETP resident or graduate.

To apply to become an EpiCore member, click   here

The EpiCore platform is the result of a partnership between the Skoll Global Threats Funds, HealthMap, ProMED-mail of the International Society for Infectious Diseases, and TEPHINET.