Our Competencies and Solutions 

EMPHNET offers a broad range of solutions, all of which are geared towards promoting better public health standards and practices in the Eastern Mediterranean region. To achieve this goal, the organization operates within the following focus areas. It defines these areas as its core competencies and they are;


Strengthening Networking

EMPHNET offers opportunities for practicing and aspiring public health professionals to share experiences, learn about opportunities, and receive field related news. Its online network offers a platform for announcing events that may be of interest to public health experts. It also presents an open avenue for idea exchange, a space to publish articles relevant to the field by and to members of its network, not to mention a database of field experts from across the region. EMPHNET also organizes and facilitates regional conferences and workshops. These events bring together experts from the field in face to face dialogue to discuss field challenges. It brings field experts from partner entities such as non-governmental organizations, ministries of health, and medical institutions to offer members of its network hands-on training, and it also sends its team members to international public health functions and events, while brining experts from abroad to the region. These collaborations allow the organization to create learning opportunities, expand its reach, initiate projects, and serve the public health community at large.

Knowledge Exchange

Believing that the fastest way for advancement is through learning from past experiences and the experiences of others, EMPHNET places a high value on knowledge exchange. Through facilitating exchange programs, and offering opportunities for internships for both its team members, members of medical institutions, educational institutions, and other related entities, it keeps public health professionals informed of the field’s latest developments. EMPHNET also offers research opportunities, and access to data for aspiring researchers. Furthermore, the Field Epidemiology Training Programs (FETPs) it supports offer one-on-one mentorship opportunities for residents. Through these opportunities less experienced field epidemiologists learn from the experts. Through its communication channels, including its website, newsletter, and social media outlets, it spreads news and alerts, highlighting the opportunities available for its target audience. Furthermore, EMPHNET offers an online resource library, e-learning opportunities, and access to online webinars, thus making knowledge available, accusable, and attainable for all parties of interest.

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Foster Collaborations

EMPHNET continues to build on its network of partners, bringing together leading non-governmental organizations, regional ministries of health, and private sector intuitions. In doing so, it is constantly expanding its pool of resources so that it is better able to serve the regional public health arena. These collaborations allow the organization to create learning opportunities, expand its reach, initiate projects, and serve the public health community at large.

Create New Initiatives

In a field as dynamic as that of public health, the needs of communities change and so too do the needs of public health professionals. Therefore, EMPHNET continues to spearhead new initiatives. Building on the strong network of partners it has, it continues to launch projects and learning opportunities that tackle less fortunate communities in the region. It responds to the changing socio-political environment, by tackling new and prevailing health challenges that arise. Based on its mission for delivering better public health for the people of the Eastern Mediterranean Region, its new initiatives are founded on the existing and arising needs of such communities. They are tailored to make EMPHNET come closer to achieving its goals.


Respond to Emerging Needs

EMPHNET continues to expand on its database of experts. Doing so enables it to contribute to deploying the right people to the right place at the right time. In the event of public health emergencies, it is able to respond with the right resources. It does so as such emergencies emerge.

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