Applied Epidemiology & Research

EMPHNET aims to build the Eastern Mediterranean Region’s (EMR) capacities in applied epidemiology and public health research. In doing so, EMPHNET works extensively to strengthen Field Epidemiology Training Programs (FETP) by providing technical assistance and facilitating trainings and workshops in member countries. In addition, EMPHNET focuses on research application, training, and consultancy, including data analysis, program assessment, and development of data collection systems and registries. These efforts aim to contribute to evidence-based policymaking in the region. As part of a multidisciplinary approach to public health capacity building, EMPHNET is working to integrate health information technology to improve the provision of public health services and create new opportunities for research and analysis.


FETP Strengthening

Supporting the strengthening of Field Epidemiology Training Programs (FETP) in the Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMR) by facilitating activities and workshops in EMPHNET …

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Surveys & Studies

EMPHNET offers a range of services that focus on research application, including, but not limited to, the development and implementation of quantitative …

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Health Informatics

Health informatics (HI) aims to improve population health by using information technology. HI deals with all aspects of data acquisition and information synthesis for better public health practice …

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EMPHNET is working in a variety of ways to strengthen the public health system in countries across the Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMR). EMPHNET supports the development and integration of Field Epidemiology Training Programs (FETPs) in EMR countries, and strives to improve research methodologies, technologies, and applications. To achieve these goals, EMPHNET has developed activities and has provided professional scientific technical assistance aimed at building local capacities in applied epidemiology and research. EMPHNET works with its national, regional, and international partners to conduct workshops, to host and organize conferences, to develop training material and techniques, and to undertake research projects, among other activities. By reinforcing FETPs and increasing the number of highly skilled public health experts working in the region, EMPHNET plays a critical role in the security, health, and development of the EMR. The EMR is not only experiencing a rising demand in skilled epidemiologists, but is also in need of research application and the development of health informatics tools.



As the only registered and incorporated network for the FETPs in the EMR, EMPHNET collaborates with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), ministries of health in the EMR, international organizations, the private sector, and other public health institutions on activities for projects that support applied epidemiology and research activities in the region. For example, EMPHNET provides expertise, logistical support, funding opportunities, and other consultative services to its member countries to host workshops for FETP residents and graduates, to identify research opportunities, to provide consultancy for data analysis and research application, and to build the region’s capacity for evidence-based policymaking. 


EMPHNET is in its third year of partnership with the CDC, which has worked closely with governments of FETP member countries to provide technical assistance over the last two decades. EMPHNET also works closely with TEPHINET, which has a major cooperative agreement and grants with CDC. In addition, EMPHNET offers expert consultancy in areas related to statistics and epidemiology for EMR governments and other public health organizations in need of evaluation services, feasibility studies, and program reviews for evidence-based decision-making. 


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