“Even though our region faces many challenges, we strive to respond to the health needs of our people and look forward to contributing to improved health outcomes. We believe that health is a right for everyone and that we need to work together to respond to the many challenges that prevent us from enjoying a healthy living. Our aim is to contribute to strong public health systems that can secure and maintain a healthy living.” EMPHNET Executive Director Mohannad Al Nsour, MD, Phd 

EMPHNET works with countries in the Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMR) to strengthen public health systems in an effort to contribute to improved health outcomes. We aim at strengthening public health capacity with a specific focus on applied epidemiology. We are the only Public Health Network in the region and our work is an accumulation of collaborative efforts with Ministries of Health of countries in the region. We support Field Epidemiology Training Programs (FETPs) as a mechanism for advancing public health workforce capacity in the region.

EMPHNET’s work is guided by the public health approach with emphasis on populations and risk factors. Our ultimate aim is to contribute to enhancing health status in the region by promoting country capacity in applied epidemiology with special emphasis on surveillance and outbreak investigations. We believe in the power of information and knowledge sharing and we partner with associations, institutions, networks and organizations that hold similar views. Our efforts grow as we build our network of expertise, which we believe is our strong attribute in fulfilling public health needs in the region. We support and promote applied research in response to public health challenges and we are guided by our commitment to change.

EMPHNET  is a driving  force in public health