Our  Mission

To prevent and control diseases, to conduct multidisciplinary research, and to translate research into practice in the Eastern Mediterranean Region by strengthening and expanding applied epidemiology capacity; and working jointly with similar associations, networks and organizations.

EMPHNET works at achieving its mission by responding to public health needs with deliberate efforts that allow for health promotion and disease prevention. Our experienced team enables information sharing and knowledge expansion that is broad and comprehensive enough to extend beyond an individual country. As a solid regional force, our team engages actively in mobilizing its efforts to provide support to countries in the region by partnering with ministries of health and other public health organizations. We believe that collaborative measures can enhance the quality and effectiveness of public health services by consolidating forces necessary for meeting health challenges and demands. We aim to strengthen public health systems in the region by connecting with ministries of health, public health institutions, non-governmental organizations, international agencies, private sector, and other public health agencies in the region. In doing so, we aim to increase our visibility and strengthen our relations with national, regional and international public health workforce.

We believe that well-trained public health leaders and managers are essential for ensuring efficient and successful public health programs and regional networks. In particular, we consider strengthening the management and leadership skills of public health leaders in the region to be a priority concern. We also believe that strengthening monitoring and evaluation capacity of public health officials is crucial for measuring the success and impact of programs and projects. We seek to identify appropriate solutions and opportunities for public health leaders and managers to assist them in sharpening their skills especially in evidence-based decision making and program planning and management.

We deliver services that promote prevention through innovative measures that aim at reducing risk factors. Our approach to achieving better health of the population in the region is multifaceted. We create opportunities that allow integration of research into policy and decision making, and we attempt to leverage change by exchanging information and experience.

Linking, supporting, and strengthening different components of Public Health Systems in the region is a central function of EMPHNET. By establishing a regional network of public health officers and epidemiologists; we optimize performance to ensure availability of quality data to build strong public health systems that can improve health outcomes throughout the region, thus
contributing to regional and global health security.

Mission 2
Public Health System