Board Members

EMPHNET’s Board of Directors is united by collective efforts and a desire to accomplish health benefits in the region. Its members possess strong and clear perception of the various public health needs in the region.

Dr. Bashir Noormal

Dr. Bashir Normal
Chairman of the Board of Directors at EMPHNET

Dr. Bashir Noormal is the Director General of the Afghanistan National Public Health Institute (ANPHI) MoPH, Chair of IRB (Institutional Review Board) MoPH Afghanistan, Editor-in-Chief of Ghazanfar Medical Journal, the Focal Point for CBRN (Chemical, Biological and Radio-nuclear) Risk Mitigation Initiative in Afghanistan, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of EMPHNET, and a member of the TEPHINET Advisory Board.

His career at the Ministry of Public Health has been mainly focused on the establishment of comprehensive human resources development (HRD) systems, policies, strategies and development frameworks, development of guidelines on standards for health worker training, alongside other areas.

He was the focal point for the International Health Regulation (IHR) for Afghanistan from 2007-2015 and was also Chair of State Examination Board for newly graduated health practitioners during 2014-2016. He is currently servicing as the Chairman of the Board of Directors at EMPHNET.

Dr. Bashir Noormal completed his medical education in 1985 at Odessa Medical Institute in Pirogove, Ukraine, and he received his Master’s Degree in Public Health from Loma Linda University in California, USA in 2010.


Dr. Ibrahim Iblan
Jordan – FETP Director

Dr. Qahtan Al Salihi

Dr. Kahtan Alsalihi
Iraq – FETP Director


 Dr. Abdul-Hakeem Kohlani
Yemen – FETP Director


Dr. Nabil Hazzaa  Al-Kahtani
Saudi Arabia – FETP Director

Dr. Asmae Khattabi

Dr. Asma Khattabi
Morocco – FETP Director

Dr. Sahar El Shourbagy

Dr. Sahar Sami
Egypt – FETP Director


Dr. Birjees Kazi
Pakistan – FETP Director

Team Members

EMPHNET embraces a team of experts who share a vision and belief in the health rights of the public. EMPHNET’s team is challenged by quality and excellence.


Dr. Mohannad Al-Nsour – Executive Director

Dr. Al-Nsour is an internationally recognized expert in field epidemiology, research and public health systems. Dr. Al-Nsour has a PhD from the Glasgow University, Scotland, U.K., where he was a fellow with the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). Dr. Mohannad Al-Nsour holds a Medical Degree from Ukraine and an MSc in Epidemiology from the American University of Beirut (AUB). Since 1999, Dr. Al-Nsour assumed several positions as a researcher, advisor, and director in Jordan. He also served as a consultant on several assignments with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization and the AUB. Before becoming EMPHNET’s Executive Director, Dr. Al-Nsour was the Director of the Field Epidemiology Training Program (FETP) in Jordan (2006 -2009) and the Head of Surveillance Department of Balqa Health Directorate – Jordan. Dr. Al-Nsour also served as a CDC consultant for FETPs in the Eastern Mediterranean Region.

Dr. Al-Nsour has been leading EMPHNET since 2009, by providing strategic and operational responsibilities, and guiding the enrichment of FETPs and public health in the region. Under Dr. Al-Nsour’s leadership, EMPHNET emerged as a regional entity that leads initiatives to promote public health, advance field epidemiology and improve performance of FETPs in the region. Dr. Al-Nsour is a speaker at the national and regional level covering public health topics such as leadership, field epidemiology, and creating new opportunities. As a certified trainer, Dr. Al-Nsour has extensive experience in training both at the national and regional levels, with outstanding teaching skills. His areas of expertise are infectious diseases, non-communicable disease and cancer epidemiology.

Dr. Al-Nsour has extensive experience in public health research, particularly in planning, implementing, and conducting data analysis for national surveys.  While working at the Center for Research on Population and Health (CRPH) at AUB, Dr. Al-Nsour analyzed several national data sets, including data from Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) in Jordan and Yemen.  At a national level, Dr. Al-Nsour contributed to planning, conducting, and managing and analyzing data for the STEPwise National Surveys during three rounds of implementation (2002, 2004, 2007) while working for the Jordan Ministry of Health.

See Dr.  Mohannad Al-Nsour NCBI Biographical Sketch.

Technical Team

Dr Adel
Dr. Adel Belbaisi

Public Health Programs Director Assistant

Dr. Ahmad Darwish

Director and Regional Adviser for the Routine Immunization and Polio Eradication Programs

Samar Abdelnour

Deputy Director

Dr. Haithem
Dr. Haitham Bashier

Assistant Director of Public Health Programs 

Dr. Saed Aden

Outreach Response & Emergency Program Manager

Mirwais Amiri

Health Security Program Manager

Dr. Tarek AL Sanouri

Biosecurity Project Manager

Dr. Seifeddin Saleh

Project Manager for the Routine Immunization and Polio Eradication Programs

Ilham Abu Khader

Research and Policy Manager

Dr. Ekhlas
Dr. Ekhlas Hailat

Senior Disease Control Specialist

Dr. Nazeema Sheerin

Public Health Officer

Rawan Araj

Public Health Officer

Dalia Odeh

Project Coordinator

Dana Yousef

Polio & Immunization  Project Coordinator

Diana Abu Baker

Project Coordinator

Ahmad Nassarallah

Project Coordinator

Rund Al Qaseer

Outreach & Emergency Project Coordinator

Amjad Hiary

ICT Manager

Dana Shalabi

Senior Communication Specialist

Haneen Adwan

Content Editor

Mohammad Assad
Mohammad Asad

Website & Information Systems Admin

Admin Team

Fadi Baker

Finance and Administration Manager

Murtaja awad
Murtaja Awad

Finance  Officer

Khaled Al thaher
Khaled Althaher

Office Manager

Omar Istanbuli

Finance  Officer

Leen Shaker

HR Admin Officer

Ohoud Ryalat

Procurement Officer

Israa’ Harb


Salam Marzouq

Executive Assistant