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SARI Surveillance 2


Training health professionals from Jordan’s four sentinel site hospitals on severe acute respiratory-tract infections (SARI) surveillance procedures.


Influenza is a recurrent worldwide concern that has the potential to cause high rates of morbidity and mortality. Hospital staff and public health workforces must be prepared to handle re-emerging and/or novel pathogenic strains. In recognition of this threat, the Severe Acute Respiratory-Tract Illness (SARI) Sentinel Surveillance System in Jordan was established in 2008 as part of the regional network supported by Naval Medical Research Unit-3 (NAMRU-3). Recently, the Zarqa Hospital, which started operation in November 2014, was officially designated by the Ministry of Health (MOH) and recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as one of the Jordan-National Influenza Centers. The Zarqa Hospital is the fourth sentinel site to be established in Jordan, joining the King Abdullah University Hospital, Prince Hamzah Hospital, and Al Karak Hospital.

EMPHNET supported this hospital as a new sentinel site by conducting a two-day training workshop. The goal of the workshop was to provide the participants, especially hospital staff, with the skills needed to conduct surveillance activities related to SARI surveillance and response in an effort to reduce its morbidity and mortality rates.

Project Approach

The technical training, strategic planning, influenza background information were provided by public health experts and physicians from both EMPHNET and Jordan’s Ministry of Health (MOH)…

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World Health Organization. 2014. WHO surveillance case definitions for ILI and SARI.


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This project is part of a cooperative agreement between EMPHNET and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In collaboration with the Jordan Ministry of Health (MOH), EMPHNET held a two-day workshop titled, “Severe Acute Respiratory-Tract Illness Surveillance in Jordan”. The workshop was hosted in Amman, December 7-8, 2014. Laboratory technicians, infection control practitioners, pediatricians, and internists from the new Zarqa Hospital, Prince Hamzah Hospital, Al Karak Hospital, and King Abdullah University Hospital attended the event.

Project Achievements

The overall perception of the workshop was positive as the administrative and technical aspects were professionally monitored. The level of participation was significant specially, during applied portion of the training. Importantly, the participants had the opportunity to exchange their experiences and practices at the different Sentinel Sites while learning a standardized protocol for SARI surveillance.

The workshop filled an important role in providing trainees with the skills to undertake SARI surveillance activities, which is especially relevant for staff at the new sentinel site at Zarqa Hospital. In addition, the trainees were given the training material to take back to their respective hospitals and were requested to use it in their practices. Several recommendations were derived from this workshop, including follow-up trainings to refresh hospital staff, ensure compliance, and update them about any new SOPs.